Saturday, December 25, 2010


We all love 'em and they always seem to end so quickly.
Why?  Because your having fun!!
You're actually living.

So stay positive and always keep up that adventurous spirit.
You know what I say "Dream It, Do It".

Just a couple of low res pics for your xmas viewing..
Copyright Mark Bialek 2010

All pictures are Copyright Protected!!

If you see any shots you like just call.
Mark 0422 7140 10.
Or email
Best Wishes Always and keep those feet wet.
Big Thanks to Ocean Addicts for all there support.
Take Care

Have a couple for me!
Best Wishes for the upcoming new year!
Mark B.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A bit of wind...

Well I managed to sneak out and snap a couple yesterday Arvo at Cotton Tree.
A couple of Locals ripping it up. is almost up and running (my website), so not to be mistaken for 

Peter scored some nice runs.
The big H.. had some crackers, spent most of the time upside down...

So anyways keep checking the blog, because there shall be more posted in the next couple of days.
Well take care and Keep those feet wet.
Take care.
Mark 0422 71 40 10.
Peter up and Away!!

Funky Dude!!

Just one of many Crackers!!

So If your on here just give me a buzz.
Take Care
Mark B.
P.s The swell is a comin!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Hot!!

Man is it hot..
Time to get Wet...

Just a couple of random snaps to keep you reading the blog, while i work on the actual website, so stay tuned..



Just an Arvo.

Mountain Biking Event.

Is that you?

Yarra Barrel..

So stay wet..
Take Care.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy Week!!

Hey Guys,
So just to show you a typical weeks work in the "Wetfoot world".
Here's a couple of quick snaps..
So if you need any shots done just flick me a quick email or feel free to call.
If you can get a couple of your mates together it makes for a better session and also cheaper..
If its moving I can shoot it!!  (Or at least have a decent crack at it!)
Mark 0422 71 4010.

P.s If your looking for the Xmas Sup club day pics there in the following Post(Wet days), so just scroll down.. Cheers!

Kirsten from Ocean Addicts doing a little passing action.

Craig at "Go Ride A Wave", Noosa,
Doing his thing and doing it well!

Great day for it!!
Luv ya work...
So just remember to "Slip Slop Slap"  When your playing in the sun......
So get off this computer and get out there and have some fun!
P.s If I don't See you before Xmas have a great one..
Take care
Mark B.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Wet Day

What a fun day!
Good food a nice swim and a little rain.
Makes for a sweet day of shooting.

Thanks to Ocean Addicts for the invite!

So anyways here is a couple of snaps..
Not too shabby for a rather "UK" kinda day.
The shots are all in low res, so if you would like any, just flick me a quick
Yes my website is still down, but I will receive and respond to your email.
It won't be long.. I promise.

Take Care.
Mark Bialek