Thursday, January 27, 2011

New toys are fun!

So as the name suggest, somebody had a test run with a new lens...
Kinda fun.

So lets take a look..  Hey its my first time out with it and Blair was the test
Also chucked in a couple of funky shots from the other day with the Coreban Crew!!
P.s All are super low resolution so of course they look much better at full resolution. So if you would like a copy just flick me a quick email and let me know which one is you?

Washing the hair!!

 An Inspiration for anyone, this dude was surfing better then most!!
 Pregnant and still out there having a ball!! I couldn't resist snapping this photo so that she could show her young one many years down the track!!

 Cruisin past me!!
 Bright Spark!!
 A very rare sight at Nationals!
 Token Pandanus shot... gotta have

 A little tuck action!!
Dave doing his thing!
So anyways enjoy the groundswell thats on the way!
Remember if you want any shots of yourself just give me a buzz!
Mark Bialek 0422 71 4010.

Big Week!!

Hey Guys and Girls,

Yes it's been a big week, heaps of surf and heaps of shots!
Off course I can't post them all, but hey I'll throw a couple up.
Thanks to the guys at Coreban Australia for a great shoot the other morning.
Bumped into the guys at Perigian and the surf was so clean and had a lot of fun in the water.

The "Hurley pro Junior" is on at the moment, so will be sneaking down for some shots in the next couple of days.

Well anyways enjoy a couple of  low res so so shots!  Keeping the good ones for the new website..
Within the following week....
Copyright Mark Bialek 2010......(bad karma to steal).....

A very rare moment!!
 Two strangers successfully sharing a wave, magic to see, even better in a 10 shot sequence!!
So Give me a buzz if you would like any shots!!
Mark 0422 71 40 10..
Keep those feet wet!!
Best Wishes always...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Wet!

Wow talk about a little water?

Crazy times, so much water around the place.
Not to much photography taking place at the moment due to the conditions being a little bit on the chocolate side.

There is a heaps of nasty stuff in the water at the moment so just remember to throw some ear drops in when you get out of the water.  It really helps to prevent infections.  Or maybe sit a couple of waves out for a few days.
Wish everyone doing it tough the best of luck over the next few weeks!
So here's a couple from the Mixed Bag department!!
All photographs  Copyright Mark Bialek 2010

Peter getting some airtime!!

So keep on keepin on!!
Take Care
Mark Bialek
0422 71 4010.