Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snap and Snap!

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay in getting the website up and running properly, had a little incident in the gool 'ol Halfpipe!
Trying to be young again, my wrist just didn't like it....
So sit back and enjoy a some pics from the past, just a little collection from the many shots on file....lol.
Of course if you were surfing on the day and want some pics, just email (mark@wetfoot.com.au) or call on 0422 71 4010.  I will deffinetly have some of you out there.
So enjoy, of course all in low res...
Take care..

B good or b good at it!
If you would like a shoot just check out my prices on the website.. wetfoot.com.au.
Get out there.....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Coast of Origin @ Kawana

Some sick surfing!!
Great day out in the water...
The younger crew were just airborne for half the day!

If you would like a copy just email me at mark@wetfoot.com.au.
Website is nearly finished just got to load 20 years worth of shooting to the website.
All pics below are low resolution for easy loading.
Also got some sweet HD video footage today.
Anyways keep that foot wet.

So these are just a sample of the days shots, lots of sequence shots.
If you want to see more just flick me a quick email and let me know which dude you are...?
Anyways have a good surf!!
Best wishes
Mark B.