Monday, May 2, 2011

Good times on the Sunshine Coast!

It's been sweet to get some surf!
I shot at Maroochy in the morning and good ol' T/Tree for the afternoon session.
There were some serious sets coming through late in the afternoon and a good vibe in the water.
Mark from Quiver Kaddy had a few corkers!
So sit back and have a look at some locals ripping!

So if you're in any shots and would like any, just give me a quick call on 0422 71 4010 or  send an email to
I have plenty shots from the day.  Well, enjoy the big sets over the next few days.
Remember to just have a good time out there.  You're not surfing for a world title!
So go get off your butt and go get wet!
Take Care
Mark B.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The long weekend!

Hey guys,

All good, "some step and deep" action happening!!
If you want any shots just call Mark on 0422 71 4010.
So just some shots from the week.

Midday Shots!!

The Casual Turn!
Good Week for swell so stay tuned!
Get out there and get wet!