Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well its official, Mark is 100% "Fun-employed"!

So whats the first thing you do when your looking for a wee bit of Fun?
Yes, you guessed it, go surfing.
Maybe take a camera just in case you run into some crew, which of course I just happen to.
Hayden from "Stand up Paddle" and the "Coreban free ride team".
 Also bumped into one of Noosa best young surfers "Harison Roach and his crew".
So of course the camera came out in between frequent sets of surfing. Kinda like a marathon 6 hours session of shoot-surf-shoot-swim & shoot-surf-surf and shoot!
It turned out to be one of those "once a year", stoked to be out kinda days!
Lots of "Yeaooooowwwwsss". I think most were from me, but with the kinda surfing I was seeing through the lens you would be too!

It was a gloomy un-photogenic kinda day, but still managed to snap off a couple of okay ones.
So sit back and enjoy the scenery. P.s if you don't know where this location is, lets keep it that way!
All of these shots are low Res!
If you want to see the originals just call Mark on 0422 71 40 10.  Or if you just want some shots taken!
So get off the computer and go get your feet wet!

The Keg of the day was given to Woogie!
It's easy to forget he's actually on a Stand up Board!

Future Fins Kinda work!


Proudy's first turn on the new board! 

10 Seconds later!!

15 Seconds Later!


This last shot sums up the day for just how overcast it actually was!
So keep anyways thanks for taking a look!
Have a great surf and remember "We are all out there for the same reason, regardless of what where riding".
So next time you see someone getting barrelled give em a little "yeowwww". 
Keep on Keepin on!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why come to Noosa?

Why come to Noosa?
Well that's a really good question.

Maybe a couple of pics my just help answer that one.
For my frozen friends in Canada, you know who you are!

So been a crazy couple of weeks.
The Noosa Festival of Surfing 2011 was a massive hit.  Congrats to the Sponsors for their hard work, everything seemed to go well.  Big thanks to "Tully" from Shotgun Surf for letting me jump in the water during the 5k Stand up paddle board race.  I  grew eyes in the back of my head during that
So here are just a couple of pics from the race, if you want any pics just email or call me.  or Mobile 0422 71 40 10.

 A little plug for GSI.

 Very dark and gloomy day, so not the greatest of pics, but hey better then none.

So just to brighten things up a bit, here are some arvo shots with "Coreban Crew" at a secret beach the other day.
Just a couple, plenty of better one's in the stock pile...

Well thats all for now folks.
Hope you keep that back foot wet!
Stay safe.
Mark Bialek
All pictures Copyrighted Mark Bialek 2011