Friday, June 29, 2012

Blast from the past.

Just thought it was time to mix it up with a couple of images from the last couple of years.....
Just for kicks.
Kite flying in Cali..

Wedding shots..

Got Wood!!

Noosa Roundabout?
Seb 1 minute before his $10 000 Jump!

Over Vancouver

Judge Tower in the mist...

Sebastian age 16 doing the walk to fame!

Cali originals....taken for Christo to Froth over!!

Over 200 of the real deal....amazing..

Mark doing the Quiver Kaddy thing....always smiling...

Keahi storm session..


Gecko jumping....

Woogie at home...

Just a couple of low res shots for kicks....
Will load more soon.
Keep on keeping on!
Mark B.
*All images subject to copyright restrictions*

Monday, June 11, 2012

The New School

The New School!

Well a nice sunny day and 3 of Australia's best New school Standup Paddle surfer's,  Keahi, Geoff and Lincoln, they just make it look so easy.  

I'm sure some new moves were thrown down, especially that 40 second bum barrel ride by Lincoln on the shorey!

Good times!  One of those rare flat days that you just happen to score some sweet peaks at the right time.
Anyways will post some more in the next few days.
Take care and enjoy some of this new swell.
p.s All of these shots are very low resolution for easy loading.  

Take care

C ya out there!
Mark Bialek
Wetfoot Photography

*All images subject to Copyright*