Friday, December 5, 2014


What a day!  It's not often "Airton Cozzolino", One of the Elite top 5 in the world comes to town.
As his name suggest he really does seem to spend a lot of time in the air. 

The local crew who all ventured down to kite with him certainly got pumped!
After five minutes of jaw dropping "What the F#@#'" coming from the sidelines, the local crew inspired hit the water with some gusto and threw down some bigger then normal moves.

Airton's board manoeuvres and repertoire of tricks was similar to that  of "Tony Hawk" on a skate board.  
At one stage I forgot he had a kite attached, mesmerised by the board going in every direction known to man.

Below a just a couple of his mediocre shots as the better ones will be going elsewhere.
A big thanks for North and Ocean Addicts for the shoot.  It was a great day.

P.s All very low res, just click on the first one.

The Paulie D water spot shot!

I hope to get out there again soon.
If you were out on the day I have shots of you so feel free to email:
Thanks again for the fun day!