Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bitza this Bitza that!!!

Hey All,

Some awesome boarding done over the last week!

A busy couple of days, had heaps of fun shooting.  So if you happen to have seen me out there,  chances are there will be some shots of you. So just flick me a quick email with a description of your board and I shall email them to you.  Feel free to peruse back through some of the previous blogs for a little looksy!
Also the website is almost up and running so please just log in and become a member .  Big discounts with lots of stuff.....mo haaa haaaa......
So enjoy  a couple of low resolution shots, there are plenty more of em, in this magical little typing device!

First 5 Seconds on the " Money shot"! 

Styling in the shorey!

Part of a wicked 6 shot sequence!

Part of a sweet six shot sequence...

Ocean Addicts Team rider going the vert!

Marcel from Ocean Addicts.

Late arvo upsy downy action!!

If you would like any please email mark@wetfoot.com.au.
p.s plenty more to come tomorrow....
Take care.
Remember!  If your not falling, your not trying hard enough!

All photos Copyright Mark Bialek 2011.
(Tracking software embedded)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring Air!

Yes it's spring and the good o'l Northerly is starting to kick in....
Great for the Kite, not so good for the surfer!
Please click on image to enlarge.
Some sick shots, I can't put them all up because I'm submitting the good ones to the mags.
So enjoy, feel free to click back through some of the older postings.
P.s All low res (for easy loading). If you would like any just email mark@wetfoot.com.au.

Just too easy for some!


Part of 5 shots sequence...1 for the mag....

This dude had some absolute crackers....


Henning smiling at a couple of girls!

You know who you are!

A serious low five...lol.


Roachy flying home!

Marcel from Ocean Addicts

Kickus Flickus!!


Hayden from Ocean Addicts going the grab!

Lots of Speeeeeeed!!


Part of a sweet sequence..

A Fun Day had by all!
A big thanks too Hayden/Marcel for popping down.
Thanks to all for some great kiting.

If you were one of the lucky one's out.  I'll have shots of you so just email a brief description of your board and I'll send some preview shots through.

All Photographs subject to Copyright Mark Bialek 2011.
(Encryption tracking added to photo's)
So play nice..
C u out there!!