Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Sunshine Coast.....

Seriously how good is it!
Start the morning off, catching up with an old school mate and go for two fun surfs.
The following images are a little taste from the same day.  I'm a pretty lucky dude to get to play with these black boxes with that glass screwed in.

The following images are all in low resolution,  and the better shots will be up on my website...
Under a specific folder (27_0ct)  that will require a password.
For said password just sign up to the site or email me directly on
That way your image won't be passed around the interwebbby thingggy magicccy like a what....!!lol.

Cheers Enjoy...
(Kite stuff shot at midday hence the harsh lighting).

So check out the site and email if you have any issues.
Cheers and take care.
Mark Bialek  
aka Wetfoot.