Thursday, March 29, 2012


Well kinda been a busy couple of weeks.
Lots happening, heaps of shooting lots of lab time.
New work everywhere, roadtrips in the making.
Well done to Lincoln Dews for winning everything, we all knew he would.
Thanks to the crew for the shots, you know who you are!
Enjoy some images, all in very low res for easy loading.... They look much better in Hd.
Feel free to look back through some of the older post.
If you would like any of the shots just contact
lol.  *All images Copyright Mark Bialek.

Best sequence of the year at a little local Secret Spot......

"Gonad Rating 10/10"
Still 10/10
3 Seconds

4 seconds
The shot says it all!

Fins out!



The second best sequence of the Year... Well in my eyes anyway.
Deep inside!

Add an extra 2 ft for the water you don't see dredging over the ledge!

Look closer...The wave landed square on this dude!

Ledge within a Wedge!


Hope you had a couple of cracking waves out there..
Mark Bialek.

****Copyright Mark Bialek 2012****