Saturday, September 14, 2013

Good times!

There's nothing more important then taking catching up with your buddy's and going the old school wave hunt!  Someone puts it on the line and makes the call.
Sometimes it works.
One foot on the whole coast line, except a certain secret spot that shall remain secret…
Thanks for the fun day boy's and for sharing that little nugget.
Always remember to keep on paddling….
(All shots in super low resolution just click on the first shot).

3 Peak Peter...


Richo looking comfy.

On the charge.


Look behind

Fun day 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Winter Magic!

Fantastic conditions the last 3 days.
Made for some great sessions with some of the local crew.
If you were out in the water I have shots of you.
So just flick us an email or call 0422 71 4010.
These shots are available in print form.
Copyright © Mark Bialek 2013.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Faces In Open Spaces Part 1.

We all live in a similar fast past world.
We all love our water sports.
So just a taste of more to come…..
Just click on Images for closer look.
All images ©Mark Bialek 2012&2013….
Tracking software active...
After school schooling with Henning...

Keahi 360….


Who needs to look…?

Pogo Stick stall with Steve….

The new up and comer Tristian bustin some invert action..

Keahi at home.

Yep agian...

Harrison at home on the nose..

Kai Lenny with Eric Aedder..
Very lucky to be in the water with the two legends!

Marcel out of the bath tub...

Broken ankle kickflip….lol.


So just a taste of Faces and Spaces… Launching in 2013…