Thursday, March 13, 2014

Good times.

Its great when you get a spare second to jump out in the water on a magical day.
It's good to set the camera to single shot  it kinda feels as if your'e going old school.  It's a similar feeling to 15 Years ago shooting on the good ol trusty Nikonos. One shot and wind on.  Then spend your hard earned processing 36 shots and trusting you had some crackers.
Now I can wind off 36 shots in 4.5 seconds for free.  lol.

What a day it was at this particular place that I love to shoot.
I noticed some insane surfing in the line up and it just happens to be Julian and Rasta and they were on fire as per usual.
The weird thing is that I haven't shot Julian for 15 years or so the last time was on film.
It's funny how life works.
So anyway I'll get out of my rocking chair and post some shots.
Feel free to use the low res version on Facebook (this version).
If you would like a better version (high res/no watermark) just email or give me a quick call
0422 71 40 10.
If you were out there on the same day I will have shoots of you so feel free to give me a call or text.
I'm also available at the moment for individual or group sessions.
Take care and have some fun out there.

The big K from the big island


Always fun.

*Images are subject to copyright*
C ya out there.