Monday, January 1, 2018

The Years Highlights 2017!

What a year.
Where do I start....
Day One of a very very long walk in Peru.

Lots of up.

Arvo chilling.

Full moon from an ancient temple pretty sweet.

My hiking partner in the Andes.

Couldn't resist the good ol portrait shot.

14 000ft up in Bolivia and 3 degrees!

Lunch hanging on the pole on Lake Titicaca.

Stare off.

The simple life.

Lincoln Dews morning lip smack action.


Jono on a fly by.

Mr Jones and Hugs going for a morning walk.


A Northern Local.


Malcolm bringing in the new action.

Ahh ground somewhere....


The crew..

Inca Trail..

Peru Treks 2 best guides.

Lincoln on land a rare moment.


                                                Winter Waves in Southern Chile.

Stand up Session from hell.

The long ride home for dinner.

Thats about .05% of the shots from the year.
I may add more over the next few days.
Just click on the first shot to see them a little bigger.
P.s all low res.
Best wishes for the new year and its great to be back.
Take care and see you out there.
Mark B.