Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How good are working holidays!!

As the title suggest...

Okay truth be told I ended up surfing a lot.
Just a couple of low res shots from various trips.
See if you can guess the countries visited in the pics.
Check out the wetfoot.com.au website for some new images.
Let me know via Facebook your thoughts on the website.
I'm also on Instagram if your keen to follow  wetfoot_photography.
Hope all is well and you're getting plenty of waves.
It's a montage....lol.

Just some randoms...
Take it easy and see you out in the water..

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Giddy up!

Yes it's Monday!

Which isn't a fun day for a lot of people, especially those at work.
Enjoy a couple of summer surf shots to get your through the week.
I'll be shooting up the coast this Friday/Sat/Sun and we have swell coming so just give me a buzz.
Mobile 0422 71 40 10.

Great to see Julian Wilson hitting the points a fair bit lately, he's surfing better then ever.
Many sat back and watched him negotiate some dredging barrels at the pot.  I counted 5 seconds on one.

I've been doing a ridiculous amount of shooting lately so here's just a couple.
If you've seen me out in the water shooting feel free to email me for your shots.
I'm pretty sure I'll have some of you. Lol.
Well, have a great Monday.

P.s These are all low resolution. Give me a buzz if you want high res version.
Feel free to use them on Facebook (with the watermark please).
C ya out there.

Julian Wilson playin @ home.

Into the pot!

Just a little deep!

Joshua Stephens Stylin a grab!

Eno's on a rare day.

Eno's same day.

Shakin off a smoooove bazza.

Noosa Doing it's thing!

Finless with ease!

A little off the top please!

Sorry guys!

Eno's giving a goodbye hug,  the cooly crew were making them all day long!

Happy Funday/Monday!
All images copyright.
Mark Bialek.
Wetfoot Photography.