Monday, February 27, 2012

Slow shutter Sunday

Hey dudes & dudettes,

Yeah tried to do some funky shots on Sunday for a laugh, always fun trying some new stuff.
Here are a few from the day in low resolution.

If you were out there and would like one of the shots, just let me know which coloured board you where on?  Email

It was a fun day all round, nice vibe in the water lots of locals.
Anyways looks like some swell on the way, so just give me a buzz.
Take care
What its all about!

Low five!!

Did you pee?

Richo....see's the set!


The maybe Dion turn...not sure..


The future looks bright!
Fun day!

So c ya out there!
Take care.
Mark B.
*All images Copyright Mark Bialek 2012*

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunnycoast Sup Club Day

Sunshine Coast Sup Club Day!

Good waves, Good times!

If you would like any images from the day just email
Just give me a brief description of your board
There are more pics available.

Mark B.
P.s All Pics are in super low resolution.

Sorry missed that one....bugger!

Thanks for the fun day!
**All images Copyright Mark Bialek 2012**

Take care C ya out there!